this is untitled...

i love you but i lost you
and now i lost me too
i wish it was as simple as sure, whatever
but you're the one who made my days better,
yeah, maybe you're over me
but you're forever instilled in my memories
so i sit now with my mind blurred
cos when i speak i'm never heard
and eyes are wide open but they still don't see
that me without you is a lifelong tragedy
it's hopeless isn't it
you're the piece that makes it fit
i know i can't have you
but i can't seem to quit
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Hey...I just thought I'd post a poem...


Tears fall from my eyes as I watch life pass me by,
I choose not to feel- for I will never heal.
I turn away from those who wants to stay,
Pushing them farther away.
I'm lost within but I keep running,
Blindly I fall- drowning.
Grasping for air- the pain I cannot bare.
Hope escapes my eyes- no more will I try.
Slowly everyone turns away-
Slowly I fade away.
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Can I post my mixtape here? I don't know, but I'm going to.

Side A
Jimmy Eat World; If You Don't, Don't
Q and not U; Nine Things Everybody Knows
Desaparecidos; Man and Wife, The Latter
Azure Ray; November
The Good Life; I Am An Island
Coheed and Cambria; Junesong Provision
Brand New; Guernica
Bright Eyes; The City Has Sex
This Neverender; (N)everest
Evergreen Terrace; Taking Care of the Dead Fish
Cursive; Sierra
Death Cab for Cutie; Two Cars
John Wayne's Severed Head; Jesus Didn't Have a Mohawk

Side B
The June Spirit; The Tad One Dynasty
glassJAw; When One Eight Becomes Two Zeros
From Autumn to Ashes; Autumn's Monlogue
From Autumn to Ashes; The Fiction We Live
Coheed and Cambria; 2113
This Day Forward; Kissing Perfections Cheek
Anti-Flag; 911 For Peace
Holding On; From Here To Nowhere
Terror; Keep Your Distance
Curl Up and Die; Ted Nuget Goes AOL
There Were Wires; The Physics of Air Hockey
Closer Than Kin; When Toys Are Traded for Fears
The Red Chord; That Certain Special Ugly
Give Up the Ghost; Since Always
Against Me!; Cliche Guevera


Hey...I'm new here...and I just thought I'd join...because this place seems awesome. Hmm...but I love to write poetry...also another reason why I joined :) Oh...and I love music :)
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The new layout is done, it's nothing spectacular just a little rearranging.

If anyone wants to make us a background, please feel free to do so! I'd do one myself, but I don't have photoshop anymore.

...and join _endserenading. =]

Merry XmasX and have a hangover free New Years!

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as bullets kiss my heart
this pain will cease from neverend
for every thing about you makes my heart bleed
and every thing around here is stronger than me
but i apologize
are you glad i'm finally gone?

please comment, feedback would be beautiful. ♥

hey, jude, need a new layout on this baby, yet? ;]
Wake up


Here's a poem I wrote a while ago...here it is. I made it after my friend was being a dusche about this girl...

It doesn't involve you
Don't get involved
No difference to you
Theres nothing at all

Just stay away
Theres nothing you can do
Shes all for me
And none for you

You may want to help her
But thats not how it goes
'Cause I think shes mine
Shes mine forever

I wont let you comfort her
In her time of need
I wont let you talk to her
When tears fall free

'Cause theres nothing you can do
Just don't even try
I underestimate you
And now you die.

Cause helplessness falls upon you
Cause thats the way it goes
Well thats all, goodbye
Theres nothing you can do